Complaint filed by Jorge Segura
Complaint filed onAugust 31st, 2023
Complaint filed against
    Text of Complaint by Jorge Segura

I have been all around the south of India, fron Chennai to Cochin, using my IQOS heated tobacco with no problem, with any advisory this item was not to be sold in India. What an awful experience did I have just when leaving India fron Mumbai airport a customs officer took away from me. I tried to explain that it was not an e- cig, and that anyways, I was flying to Paris, so not entering the country or catching a domestic flight.
I would like to have an explanation on this issue and a reward for the two Iqos Iluma that have been taken in very bad manners. I have read the law ban and it does not say anything about carrying Iquos out of the country
This happened today about 1 hour ago. Couldn’t take a picture of the situation due to “security reasons”. Not a paper, nor document given to me about the requisition.
Looks like an authority abuse, by all means.
It’s a real pitty to finish a wonderful guided tour like one we enjoyed so much.
Things like this, treating tourists in this bad manners might take back future plans travelling to India.
Very sad indeed

Took my IQOS away
Took my IQOS away

One thought on “Took my IQOS away

  • February 28, 2024 at 4:06 pm

    Le 27 janv.2024 à l’aéroport de Munbaî, mon bagage enregistré, Un agent est venu me chercher à la salle d’embarquement et me demande de l’accompagner pour effectuer une fouille ds ma valise.
    Mes 2 iqos confisqués sans ménagement.


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