Complaint filed by Atul Maurya
Complaint filed onJanuary 6th, 2024
Complaint filed against
    Text of Complaint by Atul Maurya

There is no pickup point at Mumbai T2 terminal for private vehicles. One has to pay Parking charges of minimum Rs 150. Why is this so when someone just wants to pickup some. Parking charges start at literally 0 minutes. In Delhi you are allowed to pick up and wait in the area for upto 25 minutes. Even at Mumbai T1 you are allowed 5 minutes for pickup. This is a big scam at MumbaiT2 terminal where you have to pay a minimum of Rs. 150/- for parking charges.

As there is no pickup point at T2 I had to ask my cousins to come up to P10 departure area for pickup. Here I was harassed by people from private car parking company and they extorted Rs 270/- from me. They behaved badly in front of my cousin and her German husband. This is the impression we are giving to foreigners. I asked them by which they are charging money and they had nothing to show. The person Mr. Sonu Kumar was giving some receipt but I have no idea whether it is authentic or not. He wanted the money in his person Gpay account, which I refused. They damaged my car when they are no Government officer or authority to tow my car. I am sharing their images here.

All this is happening right in front of T2 terminal.

Eventually I was forced to pay Rs 270/- just to pickup my guests, which is ridiculous.

Mumbai T2 terminal needs to have a pickup point for private vehicles, not parking area but pickup point.
The airport authority needs to stop deploying these goons to extort money right in front of the airport.

No pickup point. Harassment by airport parking staff. Exhorbitant charge Rs 270/-

2 thoughts on “No pickup point. Harassment by airport parking staff. Exhorbitant charge Rs 270/-

  • February 26, 2024 at 8:57 pm

    As a citizen of India I personally feel how people misuse social media to spread this kind of news. We all can understand that the departures means a drop zone and arrival means the pickup zone on to these some people in order to use seamless services over break the rules and then when someone tries to stop them they uses social media as a safety bracket even after reading the important notices every where on the airport. And only explains their side of stories and call people goons and doesn’t even mention how they behave with the staff even I went to the airport and they requested me to pickup only from the pickup point and only if our will so we can pay 270 and pickup from departures only ….

    • March 13, 2024 at 11:35 pm

      Utter nonsense. T1 actually has a pickup point. T2 has no pickup point, nor is there a callout. Seems like you are one of the guys who collects the toll from ordinary citizens.


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