Complaint filed by Preeti Singhania
Complaint filed onJune 11th, 2023
Complaint filed against
    Text of Complaint by Preeti Singhania

The staff of indigo at domestic airport in Mumbai behave as if they are doing some favour on letting us fly.. we pay them.. but they behave as if they are flying us for free.. no bend.. no cooperation.. if u are getting late they don’t call u to cross the line.. they don’t make last calls or final calls. . They let u get late and even if that means u miss the flight. Seriously n then they say u book another by paying difference.. what about the loss of time n delay in work.. they will not adjust for 5 mins also here n there.. i hate the experience here n recommend no one to use indigo esp the domestic departures. They don’t have even humanitarian courtesy as well.. They somehow want more money thru flight cancellations or excess baggae or anything else. Seriously

Really Rude staff.. no cooperation
Really Rude staff.. no cooperation

One thought on “Really Rude staff.. no cooperation

  • January 21, 2024 at 11:10 pm

    Same thing happened to me the worst is manager and senior guy if you can’t manage kindly leave your job and please go to school to learn some moral science first


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