Complaint filed by Mahesh Jamdade
Complaint filed onDecember 1st, 2022
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    Text of Complaint by Mahesh Jamdade

Passengers do not use jet sprays in the toilets wisely. Passengers spray all over the toilet floor and on the seats of commodes. It is unhygienic, no self-discipline and courtesy towards other users by the toilet users. This uncleanliness can portray bad images of the country. At CSAI, around 70% users are Indian and hardly 20-30% foreigners. Even for Indian users, it is unclean and unhygienic.

I could not understood what is the need of providing jet spray + toilet papers in the toilets with commodes. This combination is nowhere seen all over the world (at least in developing countries comparable to India). No need to provide jet spray as well as toilet papers in the toilets with commode. Provide only toilet papers and stick usage guidelines in the toilet. Users need to learn how to use toilets well. Airports are international places and should portray clean and best images of host country.

Self-discipline must be followed by all (Ideally this never happens due to lack of ownership by the users towards public property). When the self-discipline is not being followed on its own by the users then enforcement is needed, for example, by removing jet sprays from toilets with commode and provide toilet papers only.

Jet sprays can be provided in the toilets with Indian seating arrangement only. And whoever wants to use jet spray, can use Indian seating toilets.

I am not exaggerating and overreacting but I visited almost every other toilet in the CSIA. Situation is similar everywhere.

Please see the attached pictures for your reference.

Small thing, but make outsiders think.

Remove jet sprays from toilets with commode at CSIA to improve hygiene and portray cleanliness

One thought on “Remove jet sprays from toilets with commode at CSIA to improve hygiene and portray cleanliness

  • February 4, 2024 at 12:26 pm

    I have seen that though clean rest rooms are provided in most of the airports in India we are not conscious of the sanitary workers who have to clean all the muck that passengers leave on the floor of the toilets…hope our civic sence is in sync with the progress of our country.


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