Complaint filed by Samir D Sumant
Complaint filed onMarch 3rd, 2023
Complaint filed against
    Text of Complaint by Samir D Sumant

For connecting to wi-fi I seen several airports in world where you register with email and your first last name and you can connect to Wifi

Terminal 2 wifi needs a phone number and OTP, foreigners not having roaming can never use Wi-Fi like me when I landed. This has to be simple and accessible to all, pls do something

Wifi is not accessible for foreigners
Wifi is not accessible for foreigners

One thought on “Wifi is not accessible for foreigners

  • January 15, 2024 at 1:34 am

    This airport’s Wi-Fi is the worst in the world. You can get Wi-Fi even from the airport that’s in an African jungle for foreigners. Foreigners can’t use Wi-Fi from this airport. It never sends the pin!


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