Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) has issued an advisory for passengers travelling to and fro Mumbai Airport.

Passengers at the Mumbai airport have been advised to put on the mask throughout the journey.

Passengers are also advised not to take the journey if there is an increase in their body temperature or any other symptom of COVID-19.

Passengers are advised to do web-check in and print the boarding card at home.

Security at the Mumbai Airport has been advised not to touch travellers and to keep a physical distance.

The airport operator has asked the CRPF security personnel to minimise pat-down search and to search only if there is a beep.

It is made clear in the manual that utmost importance has to be given to social distancing and sanitising.

As regards retail outlets in the Mumbai airport, a few have been directed to sell personal protective equipment (PPE).

Food sampling and sharing will not be allowed. There should be only individual serving of food. Water is to be served only in the bottle.

Spa services and creche services will be closed. However, the VIP lounge will be open. In the lounge, only water, tea and biscuits will be served. No newspaper/magazines will be permitted in the area. The lounge has to be sanitised every week.

Mumbai Airport Advisory: All Passengers Must Do Web Check-In

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