According to a decision by the Maharashtra Government, Mumbai airport will resume operations from May 25 and it will allow 25 arrivals and 25 departures on a daily basis.

All other airports of Maharashtra will also resume one-third operations from May 25.

Hyderabad airport will allow 15 departures and 15 arrivals on a daily basis from May 25.

Kolkata airport will not resume operations from May 25. Kolkata will resume flights from May 28 in a graded manner by allowing only 10 departures and 10 arrivals on a daily basis.

Vijayawada and Vizag airport will resume flights from May 26 but the two airports will only allow 20 percent operations to operate from May 26.

As far as Bagdogra is concerned, flights will resume from May 28 and the airport will allow 10 flights to land and another 10 to depart on a daily basis.

More than 90,000 passengers have made bookings over the last three days to travel in the period between May 25 and May 31.

Mumbai Airport To Allow 50 flights Per Day from May 25

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