The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has issued a notice directing that security at the Mumbai airport will be stepped up.

This directive from the BCAS jas come after the Government repealed Article 370 of the Constitution relating to the grant of special status to Jammu & Kashmir.

According to the BCAS, this recent development pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir could make civil aviation airports a soft target for terrorist attacks.

The note says that the probability of unlawful interference is more from the city side of the airport premises/terminal.

Mumbai airport is among busiest airports in the country having two terminal points for flights to take off and landing purposes, so it is been said that the metro is more vulnerable.

The International civil aviation organisation (ICAO) has declared measures for landside security as a mandatory practice.

All passengers have been advised to account for extra time for security measures.

All vehicles particularly cars approaching airports will be subject to the intensive and random security check at a vehicle checkpoint, which is 01 KM away from the airport terminal or as per availability of the space for such barriers/

Naka/vehicle checking point.

At these vehicle checkpoints, random screening shall begin with immediate effect and would be subject to conditions mention under:

1. The percentage of vehicles/ cars to be checked would be on a random basis and a minimum of 10% shall be searched.

2. Under view mirror should be used in checking the vehicles.

3. Luggage space in the cars/vehicle shall be checked.

4. All efforts should be made to avoid unnecessary harassment and delay.

This alert will be in operation till 31st August or until further order, if issued separately says the press note.

The ICAO has asked passengers to cooperate for the same as these measures are for their safety itself.

The Mumbai airport has an area of 210,000 sq. meters. It has 192 check-in counters and 60 immigration counters at departure, and 14 baggage carousels and 76 immigration counters at arrival.

High Security Alert At Mumbai Airport – Delays Expected

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